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Free Gratitude Challenge

Experience the multiple personal and professional benefits of having a gratitude practice. Experiment with different 5-minute activities to find the ones fit your life. This email challenge includes videos and optional discussions on Facebook.


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Deliver Performance Feedback Like a World Class Leader

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A simple framework and emotional intelligence practices that will bring ease to your feedback conversations

Part I: Learn the C.A.R.E. model - an easy formula to create specific, actionable feedback

Part II: Create more ease during difficult performance management conversations with these 3 keys to self-awareness

Part III: Class Project

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get More value from your performance feedback:

Convert It Into an Inspiring Career Plan

Want a development plan that keeps you motivated at work and helps you make measurable progress towards your goals?   

In this class I share a simple process to organize and understand your feedback in a new way and then convert it to a prioritized list of development actions.

This class includes LOTS of examples, including actual feedback and goals from my clients and people I have managed.  Through demonstration and a hands-on class project, you will be able to start using this system immediately.