Leadership coaching that embraces your humanity


Hi, I’m Lauren. As an executive and personal coach, I guide leaders through fulfilling, wholehearted transitions in their careers and lives.

I work with clients who are at a crossroads, asking themselves what comes next or how they can respond to meet their current challenges. I lead them through a process of assessments and customized leadership development to achieve what matters most to them.

My work is informed by 16 years of experience as a manager, mentor, and coach as well as my background as a meditation and yoga instructor. I am inspired to help clients achieve greater professional impact as well as a gentler, kinder relationship to themselves.


Clients and colleagues are often curious about my transition from corporate leadership in biotech to starting my own coaching company. In this video, I talk about how I recognized my calling and made the switch.


What sets Lauren apart is the way that she approaches you as a wholistic individual- bringing focus within your thoughts and feelings to realize a deeper truth. I’ve found this approach to be not only extremely effective in addressing development areas, but have seen the resulting positive impact on my professional and personal life. Lauren is invaluable when it comes to helping one to achieve what matters most to them.

/  E.C.  /


How do you choose your coach when there are so many out there? In this video, I describe the kinds of clients I support and the meaningful results they get from our work together.


Lauren helped me understand my strengths and challenges as part of a larger framework based on my Enneagram number. Ultimately this helped me not feel shameful about the ways I work that aren't "perfect". Instead I now understand why I have a unique working style and what I can do to work successfully while staying true to myself. Lauren is empathetic, clear, and knowledgable!

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