Authentic Leadership: How to be the Most Effective Version of Your True Self at Work
1:00 PM13:00

Authentic Leadership: How to be the Most Effective Version of Your True Self at Work

I'm so excited to share new ways to approach your career that will help you feel confident, effective, and genuine. I'm inviting people into my home for an intimate 4-hour workshop to learn more about the balance between developing new skills and staying true to yourself. After this time together, you will have new strategies to leverage your authentic leadership style to get the results you want.

When I was an associate director at a fast-paced biotech company, these powerful tools helped me practice new leadership behaviors without abandoning who I really am. As a coach, I use them on a daily basis to be kinder to myself, shift self-limiting beliefs, and tell others, without reservation, about my talents and passions.

Focusing on authenticity has helped me enjoy my work and connect to colleagues on a much deeper level. I love talking about these topics because I have witnessed so many transformations in private clients and workshop participants who use these tools.Topics will include:

-Understanding your strengths and perspectives and how they distinguish you from others

-Showing your manager the value of your approach to work

-Breaking through critical self-talk and other mindset challenges that hold you back

-Responding effectively to feedback and misinterpretations about your natural leadership style

After our time together, you will have:

-A personalized script about your strengths and authentic style that can be incorporated in networking conversations or your online professional profiles

-A set of practical tools for redirecting critical thoughts and being kinder to yourself

-An action plan for trying small "authenticity experiments" at work and responding to the results

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Turn Performance Feedback Into Inspired Action
2:00 PM14:00

Turn Performance Feedback Into Inspired Action

This interactive event will focus on how to get the most value from recognition and criticism and why including emotions makes the conversation more effective. We will share practical tips (think templates and scripts) as well as self-awareness practices to help each participant prepare for conversations with their managers.The workshop will include:

  • Strategies to maximize the value of three phases of the annual feedback conversation

  • Mindfulness tools to understand and work with emotional reactions

  • Response plans for feedback that feels surprising / poorly delivered / inaccurate

  • Unconventional strategies for identifying inspiring, career-impacting development actions

  • A simple framework to set a successful foundation for the next performance cycle

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Plan Your Most Fulfilling Career From the Inside Out
9:30 AM09:30

Plan Your Most Fulfilling Career From the Inside Out

“What’s next in my career?”

“What impact do I want to make?”

“How can I create more balance in my life?”

“Why don't I feel satisfied?  What’s missing?”

If these questions have been on your mind, I hope you'll join us to discover what you most want and how to translate those desires into clear actions you can share with a boss or mentor.  

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