Are you in a role where you can shine as your best self?

People need to navigate several role changes over the course of their lives in order to build a career, respond to unexpected changes, and find roles that fulfill them.  The various stages of a career transition require different skills and strategies.  Whether you are applying for new jobs, choosing which offer to accept, or onboarding in a new environment, it can be helpful to have additional support. I enjoy assisting clients during all of these phases and see them as opportunities to accomplish important goals while deepening your understanding of who you are.  

Some clients feel very satisfied with the type of role they have had and are looking for more of the same.  In those cases, I offer interview and resume support to help them get recognized as a great fit for the jobs that interest them.

Most of my clients are longing for a deeper change.  They know that if they move quickly from one role to the next without support, they will likely find the same challenges in the next position.  Have you noticed any repeating patterns in your career?  Accomplishing significant goals but not feeling fulfilled?  Difficult relationships with bosses?  Feeling like your extra effort is not appreciated by your peers?  For those who want to make significant shifts, it is crucial to take time for guided self-reflection.  Only by understanding the lessons from your experiences and what you most want for yourself can you step into a new phase of your career that feels aligned.

Career Transition Packages

Interview and Resume Package

This package includes three elements to help you prepare for your upcoming interviews:

1) 3 60-minute sessions to plan your role change, address your biggest interview obstacles, and practice new skills during mock interviews,

2) Coaching notes offering suggestions to make your responses more impactful, and

3) Review and written feedback re: an existing resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Career Transition Package

This package offers support for people who want to make a change but aren't clear about their ideal role or how to get there.  It includes three sessions, each with a different outcome.

Session 1:  Get a Personalized Map of Your Strengths and Challenges

Session 2: Identify Your Ideal Work

Session 3: Strengthen Your Resume and Interview Skills

*To learn more about the elements of each session, click on the booking link.

Personalized Career Transition Coaching

This level of support can be especially helpful after a role ends unexpectedly or when you have achieved external success but feel like there is something missing.  By asking questions about your experiences and the changes you want to make, we will create a plan to help you find a role that fulfills you.  Understanding yourself at this deeper level will enable us to update your resume and prepare for interviews in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your values.