For Your Company

I work with organizations to offer customized workshops that accelerate team connection and effectiveness as well as individual growth.  Topics include:

  • Delivering and receiving clear, actionable performance feedback using the C.A.R.E. Model

  • Emotional intelligence practices for difficult conversations

  • Converting performance feedback into a professional development plan that motivates the employee and supports goal achievement

  • Improving team collaboration by understanding working styles through the Enneagram

  • Managing stress and building resilience through practical self-awareness strategies

  • Conscious communication skills that enable employees to work more effectively with managers, peers, and direct reports



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For Small Groups

I offer workshops to support career planning, career transitions, and personal growth.  Topics include: 

  • Mastering interview skills

  • Creating an inspiring career plan

  • Storytelling tools that help you learn from experience, share your accomplishments, and feel comfortable networking, interviewing, and asking for a promotion 

  • Increasing your confidence by pushing your inner critic out of the driver's seat