Are you a woman executive looking for:

  • A safe space to show up and be real about whatever is happening in your life?

  • A new set of tools for planning the career and life that fulfill you?

  • A leadership development playground where you can try new strategies while staying true to who you are?

  • A self-discovery journey to understand yourself and your strengths in a deeper way?

  • A meaningful connection with other women who understand your drive to become a better leader?

This exclusive, intimate monthly program may be for you.

Why we need spaces like this as women leaders

Traditional corporate training often focuses on how to look and behave in ways that will get you promoted while ignoring any support for your inner life.  I have heard coaches advise women to hide their emotions at work and adopt masculine strategies to get ahead.  It's no surprise then that women filter their contributions, second guess their instincts and believe that they can't be themselves in the office.  Having lost their connection to their intuition, they don't know how to navigate periods of uncertainty or ask for help when their priorities in life shift.

I created this group because this is exactly the kind of support I craved during my fourteen years as a manager and leader.  By many standards, I achieved great success at work.  I was frequently promoted to positions where I could learn and take on more responsibility.  As my leadership skills grew, I started to mentor and manage others.  What I had trouble describing was the deep disconnect I felt between how my career looked and how it felt.

Most days, my drive to excel left me exhausted.  I didn't take time to reflect on my accomplishments because I was always focused on the next achievement.  The goals on my development plan felt hollow and dishonest because I didn't know how to translate my interests into a future job title.  I often wondered who I could talk to about my Sunday night dread.  Did other women feel this way too?  Was this the cost of "success"?

Good News!  There are as many pathways to success are there are unique, brilliant women!

I started attending development programs in search of a solution to my discontent and high levels of stress.  I turned to yoga and meditation and personal growth books.  I learned new, feminine strategies for setting goals, listening to your intuition, and asking for what you need.  The periods when I noticed the most dramatic personal shifts were when I was surrounded by women and could talk honestly about my experiences. 

I'm hosting a development group in my home to share the benefits of the tools I have accumulated through years of study and experimentation.  It's time for you to meet meet other women who relate to your challenges and dreams.  Have a glass of wine with us and show up exactly as you are.  We want to know and support the real you.  No pre-work. :) 

Each month, we will focus on a new set of tools and leadership competencies that will help you envision and make progress towards your most successful, satisfying career and life.  Join us!


The Gathering.png

A six month membership in the Gathering includes:

  • Two personalized coaching sessions to set and support your goals during this period of growth

  • One in-person event each month to learn tools for your personal and professional development in connection with the other women in the program

  • Recommended practices and resources between meetings

  • Membership in a private Facebook community to continue the discussion and exploration

*The group meets on Thursdays from 6:30-9pm in the Peninsula.  This first session will be in August.


Special Bonus!

In the membership, I will share a goal setting framework that helps align the internal experience you want to have with the impact you want to create in your career.  To support you in a deeper exploration of this process, I am gifting members with a free pass to my daylong intensive in September: Plan Your Most Fulfilling Career From the Inside Out.  This will be a weekend workshop that you can invite friends to attend with you. (Valued at $300)


Build a Successful Career that Aligns With What you truly want in life

After a 6 month membership in The Gathering, you will know how to: 

  • Design deeply satisfying goals that connect your inner life to your outer success

  • Navigate the four phases of the career planning cycle and capitalize on the opportunities each phase offers to move toward your next role

  • Describe your strengths and blindspots and know how to leverage them in your leadership and development

  • Accept praise, respond to criticism and convert all your feedback into a meaningful development plan

  • Communicate authentically and effectively in service of your new vision

  • Engage your three Centers of Intelligence to lead with resilience and authenticity every day


To offer more intimacy and personalized support, I am only opening this membership to 8 women.  If you would like to be considered for this exclusive group, please fill out an application below.