“Always going above and beyond”

Working with Lauren has been incredibly empowering during my transition into a new role. I came to Lauren with multiple challenges that I wanted to discuss, and we addressed those, but we didn’t stop there! Lauren guided me to experience deeper and more transformational thinking about my career and life outside of work, and that is so valuable. I felt more clear on how to navigate times of uncertainty and started seeing opportunities to grow within myself. During our sessions, Lauren was very good at getting to the bottom of "what's going on" and establishing trust from the beginning. She provides a variety of exercises, tools, and discussion topics to help you gradually think in new ways. I look forward to continuing to work with Lauren.


“I felt heard.”

The debrief with Lauren was amazing! She asked questions, listened deeply and then shared her thoughts based on her expertise about the Enneagram. Her thoughts were bang on, I totally resonated with being an 8 and having a 7 wing. She helped me to frame my thinking about the intensity of being an 8 and how I can express it in really healthy ways. The insights continue as I read more and dive deeper into the material Lauren shared as part of the follow-up.

I loved Lauren’s open, relaxed style! She poked and prodded where necessary and I felt heard. I appreciated the follow-up notes so I could be fully present in the session.

Thanks Lauren, I’ve already recommended you to my network!

— J.P.

 “A powerful and insightful experience"

Working with Lauren to understand my Enneagram type was a powerful and insightful experience. She brought such wisdom and intuition to the process, asking questions that prompted deep reflection and enhanced my knowing of my self just through the interview process. Now that I have this new found information and understanding about my Enneagram type I am using this knowledge in my work and my relationships. I highly recommend Lauren to support you in this interesting and informative process. Her gentle and supportive approach held me in my unfolding while empowering me with my new knowledge. 

— E.A.

“What I can do to work successfully while staying true to myself"

Lauren helped me understand my strengths and challenges as part of a larger framework based on my Enneagram number. Ultimately this helped me not feel shameful about the ways I work that aren't "perfect". Instead I now understand why I have a unique working style and what I can do to work successfully while staying true to myself. Lauren is empathetic, clear, and knowledgable!

— A.B.

Photo credit: Steve Cozart

Photo credit: Steve Cozart

"Seeking True Solutions Through a Wholistic Approach"

Lauren is an outstanding colleague, leader, and mentor. I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating with her in the workplace and as my personal coach. What sets Lauren apart is the way that she approaches you as a wholistic individual- bringing focus within your thoughts and feelings to realize a deeper truth. I’ve found this approach to be not only extremely effective in addressing development areas, but have seen the resulting positive impact on my professional and personal life. Lauren is invaluable when it comes to helping one to achieve what matters most to them.


“Expert knowledge ... genuine warmth and caring”

I reached out to Lauren to get more out of my Enneagram assessment. It was very helpful in putting a great deal of information into an accessible format that I could integrate into my life. I wanted to know how I could use it to help me improve my personal and business relationships and she really helped focus in on that for me. I loved her suggestions on what life practices and relating skills I could hone and revealed some aspects of myself that will be very useful for me.

The best part of the session was getting to SEE and feel the combination of Lauren's expert knowledge of the Enneagram enhanced by her genuine warmth and caring. I felt like I was right in her living room and so well cared for and embraced!

— M.M.

"Energizing and action oriented guidance and encouragement"

Working with Lauren set me straight again with not only my career but my confidence. She encouraged me to look at my life a little differently and made suggestions on steps that I could easily do. I love her action-oriented and very tangible goals that she helps me set.

She is very positive and I feel she has set me up for success.


Sharlynda Bedford is the Founder and Executive Director of Growing N2U - a non-profit organization that offers transformational coaching programs for girls and teens.

Cynthia Jolicoeur is a Personal Power and Courage Coach. She offers transformational self-empowerment and self-defense programs. https://www.cynthiajolicoeur.com/

Lisa Story is the Owner and Founder of The Conscious Health Coach.  She offers private coaching and group programs that help her clients make significant improvements in their health and overall wellness.  http://www.theconscioushealthcoach.com/

Anita Knezy is a Graphic Designer and Branding Consultant who helps holistic practitioners expand their impact and find the clients they are meant to serve.  http://www.anitaknezy.com/

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