Private Coaching


Accelerate Your Leadership Development with Personalized Coaching

Reach your next career milestone with customized support

I help experienced leaders who are ready to deepen their self-awareness accomplish what they most want in their careers and lives. My clients are focused on mastering leadership competencies while feeling more authentic and aligned with their values. During a coaching engagement, I use a system of assessments, goal setting and incremental change that is customized for each person. It is my privilege to witness, support, and empower my clients on their journeys to self-knowledge and self-mastery.

How can coaching help you?

I benefited tremendously from being coached when I was an Associate Director at a fast-paced biotech company.  The coaching relationship is a powerful container that enables the coachee to make changes in their life they were unable to create on their own.  I continue to receive life and professional coaching now because I have new goals and ways I want to learn about myself.  


How I Work


Executive Coaching

Employer-Sponsored Packages

Leaders who invest in 1:1 coaching with me experience accelerated results in their career development and personal growth. I work with emerging leaders at the beginning of their careers as well as mid-career managers and experienced executives. My three-step process creates a customized plan for each client to amplify their strengths, work through development obstacles, and move forward with an inspiring vision for their personal legacy.

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast

Confident Leader Immersion

A private offering for women leaders

Self-confidence can easily fluctuate in response to changes in your role, unexpected feedback, and uncertainty about your career path.

This 12-week immersion teaches women the tools to discover and lead from place of deep, authentic confidence at any time.


Monthly Coaching Retainer

focus on your specific needs

I support my private clients with a wide range of career goals. Some of these have included:

  • Succeeding as a first-time people manager

  • Creating a career plan when you don’t know what you want

  • Applying for new jobs

  • Updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles

  • Becoming more comfortable in interviews and networking conversations

  • Defining a professional brand or legacy

  • Utilizing the Enneagram to become a more self-aware leader and leverage diverse strengths on your team

  • Responding to challenging feedback


Working with Lauren has been incredibly empowering during my transition into a new role. I came to Lauren with multiple challenges that I wanted to discuss, and we addressed those, but we didn’t stop there! Lauren guided me to experience deeper and more transformational thinking about my career and life outside of work, and that is so valuable. I felt more clear on how to navigate times of uncertainty and started seeing opportunities to grow within myself. During our sessions, Lauren was very good at getting to the bottom of "what's going on" and establishing trust from the beginning. She provides a variety of exercises, tools, and discussion topics to help you gradually think in new ways.

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