Group Coaching

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Confident, Authentic Women Leaders

A free Virtual group that blends career tips with whole-person leadership strategies

Confident, Authentic Women Leaders is a community for female professionals who want to become better leaders while deepening their self-awareness and self-confidence.

Our focus is on creating a safe online community where participants can support one another, learn practical strategies for their challenges at work, and be their real selves.

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Career Growth Sundays

Casual learning circles in Redwood city, california

Career Growth Sundays is a series of intimate workshops in my home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Classes are kept small to foster deeper connection between students and more personalized support.

Participants enjoy:

  • A comfortable environment where they can relax while they learn

  • A safe space to show up and be real about whatever is happening in their lives

  • A mix of practical strategies and personal reflection that create measurable growth and fulfillment

Next Topic: “Talk About Yourself With Confidence and Ease”

-Communication skills for interviews and networking events


Women’s Leadership Circles

A Group Coaching Program in the SF Bay Area

Through a unique facilitated process and program design, Women’s Leadership Circles empower participants to surface unconscious biases, manifest new possibilities, and implement personalized strategies that produce meaningful and sustainable results. To accelerate this work, we use the Enneagram to determine each participant’s core personality “type” and the strengths, patterns and areas of potential development. Among other content, together we explore the essential developmental topics of mindfulness, inner critic, creative expression, and wholehearted leadership.

Emerging Leaders group planned for February 2020


For Your Company

I work with organizations to offer customized workshops that accelerate team connection and effectiveness as well as individual growth.  Topics include:

  • Delivering and receiving clear, actionable performance feedback using the C.A.R.E. Model

  • Emotional intelligence practices for difficult conversations

  • Converting performance feedback into a professional development plan that motivates the employee and supports goal achievement

  • Improving team collaboration by understanding working styles through the Enneagram

  • Managing stress and building resilience through practical self-awareness strategies

  • Conscious communication skills that enable employees to work more effectively with managers, peers, and direct reports