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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that helps us understand how we view the world through our personal lens and how others may see the world differently.  It describes nine personality strategies, each of which has beautiful gifts and unconscious assumptions that color our experience of life.  Working with the Enneagram can create a transformative path to wholeness through which we utilize the strengths of all nine types that are already within us.

How can understanding your dominant Enneagram type support your leadership?

Have you ever felt frustrated that the other people on your team are missing an important priority that only you seem concerned about?  Have you felt shocked by a manager's behavior, completely unable to comprehend why someone would do or say something so out of alignment with your values?  Understanding your Enneagram type and how to recognize the patterns and assumptions of others can fundamentally shift your experience at work.  Developing empathy for colleagues' perspectives can help you choose powerful influencing language that will address their deepest concerns.  You can catch yourself more quickly when repeating a habit that hasn't been effective and try something new.  And, understanding the ways we are all influenced by the patterns of our personalities helps bring some compassion and humor to challenging moments.



Client Results

“Lauren helped me understand my strengths and challenges as part of a larger framework based on my Enneagram number. Ultimately this helped me not feel shameful about the ways I work that aren't "perfect". Instead I now understand why I have a unique working style and what I can do to work successfully while staying true to myself. Lauren is empathetic, clear, and knowledgable!”

- A.B., Small Business Owner