Try this brief guided practice to feel more present between activities


During the years that I was a busy executive, I could work for hours before remembering to take a single, present breath.  I felt so distracted by my racing thoughts and ballooning to-do list that I sometimes arrived in a conference room without remembering how I got there.  This manic pace left me feeling disembodied and depleted.

Through a lot of experimentation, I found ways to integrate the practices I learned in meditation retreats and yoga classes as I transitioned between meetings.  At the end of the day, if I took three mindful breaths while washing my hands, spent five minutes stretching in a conference room, or listened to one guided relaxation audio, I felt more resilient. 

I also noticed that when I was able to re-center myself, I made choices as a leader that were more impactful and authentic.  Taking time to connect with my breath helped me show up at the leader I wanted to be.  

I hope this brief guided practice supports you in your life. Find out how it serves you best.  In your car before driving home?  In your office before checking email?  After a tense negotiation?  Before you fall asleep? 

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Best wishes for your personal and professional fulfillment,

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